LeChuck's ship, as visible in the game

TFG - The Secret of Monkey Island RECODED Walkthrough

31 years after 'The Secret of Monkey Island' has been released, there's still a vivid fan community. So I wasn't really surprised to find 'TFG - The Secret of Monkey Island RECODED', a lookalike of the original game with entirely different challenges, plus some extras: You get to see Mêlée Island during daytime. And meet the heavily-armed clown. And you'll have to chase the three-headed monkey. If you're after some help in solving the riddles, here's a walkthrough showing you how to complete the game.


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Let Domoticz Tell You when Your Bedroom has been Ventilated

Even though my instance of the Domoticz home automation system has been running for several years now, I only ever used its dashboard occasionally to check on the power consumption of my electrical appliances. The recent addition of a Z-Wave reed contact to my bedroom window, however, made it possible to notify me when the room needed ventilation. And when the window has been open for long enough.


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Reviving the HTML-Access Counter

In the early days of the WWW, any modest webpage had a counter showing how many visitors it had attracted so far. Not for tracking customer journeys or ad revenues, but rather just for fun.


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A Handy Pushover Console Script

Several years ago, I had purchased a one-off licence to use the Pushover push notification service, so a home automation suite based on Domoticz could inform me of unexpected events. Digging a bit deeper into the API, I found that it can be readily used to notify me of (important) system events on Linux hosts.


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Cheap USB-C to micro USB Cables: Are they any good?

On the search for a simple way to flash microcontroller development boards from hosts with USB-C ports only, I came across an adapter cable that sold for less than a dollar. Would I recommend you getting one as well? No. Because the cable didn't work at all.


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Calibrating a GW Instek GPD-3303S lab power supply

I purchased a pre-owned GW Instek GPD-3303S three-channel power supply. Its output voltages were close enough to the true value, but the currents were off by a few percent. Locating the service manual on the web was not a big problem, but the instructions did not really line up with my unit. Click here to find out how I managed to tune its settings.