About toeeks

This web page is a personal, not-for-profit web page on which I document my experiences with electronics and software. I assume no responsibility for what you do based on the content provided in any of my articles. Do not replicate my hardware experiments unless you know what you’re doing (or can live with the consequences).

Some of the product and company names used on this page are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. I am neither affiliated with these companies, nor did they endorse my tinkering. I simply use the brand names to specify the exact make and model of the devices I’m taking apart.

Why are you taking apart these (mostly electronic) devices?

Most of them stopped working, so this is essentially the only alternative to recycling them right away. I like to learn more about how they work and how they were engineered. I’m documenting it so that you don’t have to take yours apart in order to judge which repairs/modifications are possible. Some of my repairs even work out, so that’s another incentive to try.

Do you even know what you’re doing? I mean, what’s your qualification?

I am a computer engineer by education.

I want to use an image from one of your articles.

The teaser images are mostly from pexels.com or unsplash.com. Check their annotations in the source code for a pointer to the original images. All other photos are free for you to use, as long as you name toeeks as the photo credit.

I like what you do. It helped me fix some of my gear. Can I donate you something?

Sorry, no donations accepted. I’m doing this purely for fun. If you insist to donate, give it to a charity of your choice.

I designed one of the products you failed to fix, and you’re doing it wrong.

Send me a copy of your service manual, and I might amend my article.

How is this page created?

This page is statically generated by Hugo. No ads, no PHP, no cookies, no tracking. It is based on the Hugo theme aether by Joe Hutchinson, with some minor modifications. The main font is Raleway Webfont, the header is typeset in SPACE AGE.

How can I contact you?

I go by the name of toeeks on a bunch of other channels, such as freenode IRC. Emails to the current year (4 digits) at this domain name might also be answered.