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Sniffing the SMBus

There's plenty of ways to add a temperature display to a desktop computer. But capturing temperature readings from the system management bus (SMBus) isn't among the widely used techniques. As the SMBus is very similar to I2C in its nature, technically it shouldn't be too complicated to monitor (and decode) the data exchange on the board. Unfortunately, there's a bunch of challenges included here, as the hardware I2C on many microcontroller boards will only capture traffic directed to a single slave address. Here's my workaround, showing how to use a Teensy 2.0 to capture the data.

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One-time temporary directories under Linux

Every so often I'm in need of a temporary directory. May it be to clone some git repo in order to copy a bunch of files, or to compile some modified source code without impacting my main build. Here's a little bash script I frequently use to create such a directory and wipe it after its (one-time) use.